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How To Choose A Timepiece

How To Choose A Timepiece

“Music is art, and making watches is art, too.”

J Balvin


At BandicoBaxter, we believe there is something so simple yet so beautiful about a watch. It’s convenience, it’s class, it’s craftsmanship, it’s style.


        We often dress to impress and enjoy luxurious items that give us an identity and personality. Whether it is with our bangles, bracelets, jewellery or our shoes, we like to make a statement with what we are wearing. A watch adds to this. A watch adds to the elegance of a carefully curated outfit, and also provides a classic and even retro look while still having a useful function beyond its looks. A quick glance towards your wrist to check the time is a much less conspicuous way to check the time at a meeting in the office or out on a dinner date. Pulling out your phone during these times might even be considered to be rude. A watch combines elegance with convenience.



“Everything is customized, from my watches to my phone. I like my things to be different.”

Grigor Dimitrov


        BandicoBaxter goes the extra mile to add a little something extra. We like things to be different too. We enjoy and appreciate individuals with all their little quirks! We want our jewellery and timepieces to do the same. At BandicoBaxter we offer both carefully selected brands and in-house created timepieces for both men and women. With high-quality and luxurious material, be it rose gold, stainless steel or titanium, we take pride in crafting our watches with our own cases, movements and dials for each watch, that we make ourselves. We create watches that embody craftsmanship.  


        A watch is more than a timekeeper for us. It signals style but also history and tradition. We showcase ours through our watches that we handcraft for you. We have come to realise that it is not merely a band or wristwatch that we wear, but art that we carry around with us.


        We hope to customize and personalize each watch that we make. A timepiece can last a lifetime and more. Not only does a watch make an outstanding gift; it is also is the quintessential heirloom. People can live on through the memories of those who knew them. A watch does something similar. We keep this in mind. BandicoBaxter hopes to provide you with the experience of owning a timepiece that has value and beauty and that can be passed on from one generation to another.


        We want to help you tell your story through the years with our timepieces. And we want to do this on a budget. Although the finest luxury watches are marvels of craftsmanship and art, we don’t believe that one needs to spend thousands and thousands on a watch. We believe in art and quality; and we provide timepieces which are affordable to all those who want to tell a story and be part of the journey.


        Affordable luxury is what BandicoBaxter practices. We want our customers to get the best deals and be able to buy what they please and have a great amount of choice when doing so. BandicoBaxer provides variety and choice to ensure that everyone finds a piece that means something to them, and something that they can give meaning to.


        We particularly adore the concept of an analog watch, and we hope that you do too! An analog watch has a mechanism which is simple and consistent. However, the method to express it is where a large part of the creativity comes in. The design of a watch is inherently classic and artistic. They are truly works of art from their dials to their complicated mechanical movements that arouse fascination. Even the much newer quartz watches have their own appeal. Quartz watches have their own interesting technological history and provide unmatched accuracy and ease of use. 


“A watch is detailed art at the higher end of human ingenuity and creativity.”

Business Insider


        BandicoBaxter provides budget timepieces with a designer touch and contemporary feel. We combine the ultra-modern with the timeless classic. Our designs are one of a kind. We love going old school with dainty but modish straps and we love keeping up to date with the latest tech with a chronograph or moon-phase. Our collection is designed for you.


        We cater to both men and women. We understand that sometimes not all of us are always able to display our sense of style the way we want to. At times when you may be required to dress a certain way, we think it would be nice to still have that watch accessory that can be worn pretty much anywhere. A little like being able to carry a piece of ourselves around with us. Our timepieces provide a form of self-expression. We hope to reflect that little sense of danger or adventure or sports that helps define who you are through our timepieces. We help you define your style.


Sometimes, Watches can tell us a whole lot about the wearer’s character and personality.


        BandicoBaxter provides something for everyone, and on a budget. If your personality speaks high-class and bling, we got that. If your character is more simplistic but wants elegance, we got you. And for all those who just need a bit of attention, we have timepieces that will turn heads.


        Beyond the mechanical and technical complexities and intricacies of a watch, we all seem to be fascinated by how devices control and mark time. With our watches we hope that you know that you are in control. You have the power to decide how you want to spend your day.


        We want you to build a relationship with time through our watches. We hope that wearing one of our exclusive but affordable timepieces has a positive effect on your attitude towards time. Twenty-four hours is all we have in a day, and our watches hope to make you aware and excited about the value of time, and ready to make the most of it.


“Jewellery isn't really my thing, but I've always got my eye on people's watches.”

Clive Owen


        BandicoBaxter provides watches just for you; and for others who notice and admire your watch. We pay great attention to detail. The look, the design, the technology. We understand watches are so much more than what they look like. Aesthetics are important, and BandicoBaxter makes sure that we have that covered. But we take that extra step, and go into the intricacies of the watch, the function, and the beauty to ensure that you find the watch that you are looking for.


        Whether it is timepiece jewelry just for the glamour of it, or for utility and simplicity, or for deep diving in the ocean, we provide it all. BandicoBaxter knows there is so much more to a watch than just the telling of time, and we are here as your chic yet affordable timepiece boutique.