Our Story


        Looking for the perfect accessory to add a special touch to your look?

Bandico Baxter is here to cater to you. We have introduced unique, luxurious

and romantic fine jewelry along with handbag and watch designs that are

innovative and new in the market. At Bandico Baxter, we believe that all

moments are to be celebrated. Mark your moment with an accessory that is best

for you or best as a gift to your friends and loved ones. We work hard to

discover the latest fashion trends for men and women early so that we can

provide our customers with the most comfortable and beautiful things. We have

created a reliable E-commerce platform from our base in Chicago and our

experienced team is here to ensure that our customers are satisfied; which is

very important to us. If you would like to experience the best of fashionable

online shopping for men and women you have come to the right place.


        BandicoBaxter is the ultimate destination for fashion and lifestyle

accessories, being host to a wide array of merchandise including Jewelry,

Watches, Tees, Bags, Eyewear, footwear, and many more carefully selected

fashion accessories. It is time to redefine your style, or to slightly enhance it,

with our treasure-trove of trendy items. Our online store brings you the latest in

designer products. Wherever you are in the world, you can shop online at

BandicoBaxter from the comfort of your home and get your favorites delivered

for free right to your doorstep.


        BandicoBaxter is one of the best online shopping stores for classy fashion

accessories that perfectly complement your outfits. You can select smart and

trendy accessories and match them up with your outfits. Whether you prefer

minimal jewelry or grand and sparkling pieces, our online jewelry collection

offers you many impressive options.


        We’ve all experienced it: seeing a certain image or smelling a certain scent

that brings back memories. Your senses are sent into overdrive. You’re

transported in time, to a moment that is as important to you now as it was

then.What if every time you slipped on a watch or wiggled on a pair of rings, you

had that same flush of emotion? Where memories of a celebrated moment big

or small are as vivid as the moments themselves. BandicoBaxter introduces

unique, luxurious, and romantic fine jewelry and fashion accessory designs that

you can connect with. Pieces that make your heart sing every time you wear

them and that speak to you, brightening your day.


        Our idea is to insist on independent design, encourage innovation, and

combine functionality with art to inspire greatness. All of the independent brands

that we sell consist of new emerging design and fashion trends.  At

BandicoBaxter, we believe that all moments should be celebrated. Life

is wonderful and we shouldn’t always keep waiting for major milestones. This

is what inspires our designs. It encourages people to be brave and to achieve

what they are looking for. When they wear BandicoBaxter, they feel

especially confident and proud.

        Every culture has its own style, every style its brand. Our contribution to the

modern lifestyle? A premium fashion accessories store for modern fashion

lovers. We offer a wide range of trendy boutique items. Quality fashion

accessories to help our customer’s pursuit of style.


        BandicoBaxter has successfully introduced the concept of high quality,

flawlessly crafted jewelry at affordable price points – a feat that remains

unmatched in an increasingly busy segment. We take pride in our commitment

to find rare and traditional art, crafts and narratives in order to create

contemporary fashion accessories for the discerning patron. No matter what you

do, or don’t, there is always a sensational moment for you!


        We hope to give like-minded individuals the confidence of starting over;

flipping to the next chapter in the beautiful narrative of discovery and the pursuit

of happiness through fashion. Rooted in the belief that we are all individually

unique and cherished, everyone is important. If we’re crazy enough to believe

anything is possible, dreams do come true. We desire to inspire a sense of

wonder, adventure, and fun in the journey of life. So, enjoy your day, the

BandicoBaxter way.

        Discover the latest fashion and lifestyle trends at BandicoBaxter. Each

season our style guide selects the best modern trends from casual to formal

styles, so that we can provide you with new inspirational pieces. We'll bring you

confident and fearless trendy looks each month at prices low enough that you

can easily order online in a single click.  


About Our Founder

        Jay F. Fortier is the founder of BandicoBaxter, a former lawyer & disk

jockey. He came up with the idea of creating BandicoBaxter because he thought

fashion accessories would be a popular niche to get into and be successful with.

Also, he has always liked jewelry, especially artistic and mesmerizing watches.

He was inspired to create an online store of high-quality, accessible fashion

accessories with everyone in mind. Empowering the community with knowledge,

advice, and confidence is Jay’s mantra.


        Jay is committed to the pursuit of excellence and achieves this by having

his business operate under a pledge of integrity, trust, respect, compassion,

quality, teamwork, accountability, and clear communication. He strives to create

an uplifting and positive experience, as fashion should always be fun! He shares

his business experience as:


"The art of winning the fashion game is less complex then you think and is easy to conquer if you are willing to listen."

- Jay F. Fortier


        Jay can create environments that inspire creativity, create new fashion

trends, and assist his customers in living their best life through the latest fashion.

His lifestyle and fashion accessory solutions are custom and tailored to the

customers. These solutions celebrate uniqueness and promote a practical and

attainable quality of life. He helps clients find a meaningful and enduring path to

realize their goals and become the best version of themselves.  


        Jay F. Fortier received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Southern Illinois

University, Carbondale with a major in history and a minor in philosophy. He

received his Juris Doctorate Degree from The University of Toledo College of

Law in Toledo, Ohio. Before founding his own law firm Jay worked at both a

large national law firm and a large national financial advisory firm. That

combination of experience has allowed him to be able to approach legal and

financial problems from the perspective of both a lawyer and financial planning



        Jay was born on the south side of Chicago but has lived in the Chicago

suburb of Oak Park for most of his life. His many experiences have also led him

to understand and appreciate the hopes, concerns and needs of different people

from very different walks of life. He has worked with wealthy families and

individuals as a financial planner and has also worked with poor people

struggling on the fringes of society throughout his time as a practicing lawyer.


        As a working DJ performing at, bars, Clubs, Festivals, Wedding

Receptions, Sweet 16s, Corporate Events, Birthdays, Reunions, Anniversary

Parties & Backyard BBQ’s Jay Fortier had many opportunities for creativity. He

played all music genres, oftentimes even blending them together. He has a love

for music and its mathematical complexity; and he is currently working on music

production and the drums and bass guitar.   


        Later, while having to spend most of his time at home taking care of his

grandparents, Jay had some time for video games and internet browsing. He

became increasingly interested in watches and their history. Probably because

he is a history buff who thinks watches are cool. Obsolete but fascinating pieces

of technology and workmanship that are works of art. He read about Haute

horology and the top luxury brands, but he collected a Seiko, Citizen, G Shock,

Hamilton and Timex. You could get quartz or mechanical or automatic, much of

the same benefits of the luxury watches at far lower prices. Through studying

the topic intensely and becoming a real fan and hobbyist Jay became convinced

that he has the excellent taste and sense of style required to be able to develop

and curate great watches and many other fashion accessories.


“To me, fashion is my language and it speaks for itself. Think about how powerful using that theory is, enabling me to speak to everyone through my art without uttering a single word.”  

- Jay F. Fortier


        Jay is a powerful, creative and, passionate man who believes that any goal

can be achieved with hard work, dedication, and discipline. He is known for

helping people feel good and look good as well as for his innovative approach

which provides valuable insight, motivation and direction to his customers. He

values diversity in all its forms and believes that diversity is the path to

greatness. Developing his own Fashion Accessories online store

‘BandicoBaxter’ is his passion. He is dedicated to his commitment and

determination is the key to his success.


“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”



Our Products

        Based on honesty, integrity, and commitment our aim is to connect with our

customer and to deliver to him or her the best products possible at the best

price. These are our product goals:


Variety –To provide a large range of products which covers all the needs of our



Best Prices – To offer a competitive price on all our products.


Ease & Availability –To make sure that all transactions run smoothly, whether

its payment, product delivery & return etc.


Security –To provide complete 100% protection to our customers from order

placement to product delivery.

Our Promise

        BandicoBaxter strives to provide unique and inexpensive Jewelry, watches,

handbags and other accessories offered as part of convenient and carefully

curated collections. Our service shall be prompt and informative whilst our

products shall be of high enough quality to bring joy and pride to customers. We

promise to provide the best retail experience to our customers by ensuring the

optimum level of customer satisfaction. Our customer service is always friendly.

Our ambitions are to make each customer happy by going far beyond simply

selling the products. You can count on our first-class customer service – now

and in the future.  


Why Choose Us

        Apart from the fact that we think that we are fab at what we do, there are

many reasons why you should consider ordering with us as opposed to one of

our competitors. What sets us apart? It’s our commitment to helping our

customers express what brings them together. We’re not about just ordering

custom products; we truly believe custom apparel can ignite a sense of

belonging and connection. We love people. That's why we have an entire team

of people who love talking to you about fashion & trendy fashion wear. Quality

ideas deserve quality products. That’s why our full selection of custom products

is designed to be worn and shown off repeatedly.

BandicoBaxter does not compromise on the quality of its products. Everything at BandicoBaxter is carefully curated or totally original at a very reasonable price. Isn’t that amazing?


Mission Statement

        Our mission is to discover new fashion trends and explore the unique style

that combines functionality with art. We are committed to leading the pursuit of

the ideal life of achievement, leisure and comfort. We inspire people to define

their own beauty.


Vision Statement

        Our vision is to become a leading International jeweler and retail brand of

exceptional quality accessories at budget prices. We aspire to reach the

maximum level of “Customer Satisfaction”. Our cutting-edge E-commerce

platform and highly experienced team accomplish all this in style. It is our

highest priority to create the best shopping experience and offer our customers

the highest quality products.


Core Values

Originality: We love to think outside the box and break conventions. We always

surprise customers with our creativity.


Integrity: We conduct ourselves in an honest, trustworthy and ethical manner at

all times.


Quality: We are totally dedicated to the pursuit of perfection.


Caring: We are committed to protecting the environment, and maintaining

respectful relations with customers, partners, suppliers, employees, and

communities. Also, we never forget about those people who cannot afford to buy

jewelry and fashion accessories: we are committed to making charitable

donations based on our income so that every time you purchase something at

BandicoBaxter, you donate a little sum to charity. Most of the charities we

donate to are focused on benefiting the homeless and fighting poverty. We may

also make donations to charities with an animal welfare focus.

Innovation: We are continuously learning, and we strive for change as well as



Excellence: We are committed to the quest for excellence and continuous

improvement, we endeavor to be the best.